Scratch Coding for Kids 8-12 Course: Learn to Code - Custom Block Coding Projects and Games - Computer Programming for Beginners - Scratch Coding Curriculum (PC, Mac, Chromebook Compatible)

Product Features
  • ✓ DRAG & DROP BLOCK CODING for kids, not JUST GAMERS: Create images or videos to learn coding logic by dragging and dropping blocks using MITs Scratch coding curriculum! Gaming is a popular topic among youth and many consider themselves gamers. We use computer games as a fun medium to help students understand computer and video game logic through this scratch coding for kids course.
  • ✓ LIVE MENTOR SUPPORT: No need for those scratch coding cards, toys, robot or even that scratch coding book. You"ve seen the scratch coding cat? Well..with this online course you can chat directly with a real human mentor for help in animation activities and coding games using our Scratch game design tutorials. Unlike other online coding programs for kids that offer you a how-to sheet, we offer live chat assistance.
  • ✓ SCHOOL, HOMESCHOOL APPROVED CURRICULUM and STEM EDUCATION CERTIFIED: Simply Coding courses have been approved by school systems throughout the world, both as an elective and as an after school program. Including receiving high school credit for course completion.
  • ✓ DESIGNED BY PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMERS with LIFETIME UPDATES from scratch 3.0 to the latest versions. The feedback of thousands of teens helps us test, refine, and perfect our system. This is the perfect gift for boys or girls ages 8-12. You have gifted the scratch jr cards, stickers, a plushie, a shirt, robot, or even the scratch coding cat poster, but now it"s time to gift a solid STEM education course.
  • ✓ COMPATIBLE WITH PC or MAC: For this course, you need either Windows 10 computer or an Apple Computer version 10.13 or higher. Then simply access our online class via the provided pin code, create an account, and start learning from our step by step tutorials.

Manufacturer Information
Learn to CodeLearn to Code
Scratch Coding For KidsScratch Coding For Kids
Computer Programming for KidsComputer Programming for Kids
Simply Coding comparison Simply Coding comparison
learn to code in javascript game design learn to code python games learn code roblox worlds lua learn to create minecraft mods in java learn block coding with scratch code minecraft command blocks
JavaScript Game Design Python Roblox Minecraft Mods in Java Scratch Command Blocks in Minecraft
Age 11-18 12-18 11-18 11-18 8-12 9-18
Difficulty Beginner Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Beginner Beginner
Skills Required Typing 15wpm Typing 15wpm Typing 15wpm Typing 15wpm None Typing 15wpm
Hrs of Content 35+ 35+ 30+ 35+ 20+ 25+
Coding Language JavaScript, HTML, CSS Python Lua Java Drag & Drop Scripting Commands
End Goal Create Custom Game Multiplayer Adventure Custom Obstacle Course Custom Mods Computer Logic Automate Commands

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